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                      Stock code:834220
                      • Company profile
                      • Development
                      • Culture
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                      Company profile
                      Company profile

                      ShenZhen SUNYILG Intelligent Equipment co., LTD.,

                             ShenZhen SUNYILG Intelligent Equipment co., LTD.,(Stock code: 834220) was established in 2007, a research and development, production, sales and service as one of the intelligent equipment manufacturing enterprises.
                             The company specializes in R & D and production of SMD taping machine, LED patch testing machine, appearance inspection machine, tape testing machine, online testing machine, parallel robot and other equipment.
                              SUNYILG have five patents for inventions and thirty-eight utility model patents. The company's SMD automatic high-speed tape and high-speed sorting machine have reached the international advanced level of technology.The brand of SUNYILG is quite representative in the industry .
                              August 18th, 2013, The cooperation base of production-teaching-study with Guangdong Ocean University was  established officially .

                      development path
                      • 2007

                        Founded, the successful research and development of China's first classification tape machine

                      • 2011.5

                        Officially registered as a limited company

                      • 2013.11

                        Win the Golden Globe Award, LED good product nomination Award

                      • 2013.10

                        Obtain the certificate of national hi tech Enterprises

                      • 2013.8

                        Establish a cooperation base of industry, research and research with Guangdong Ocean University

                      • 2014

                        And Samsung, LG, poly fly and other enterprises to cooperate

                      • 2014.9

                        To be a member of Shenzhen semiconductor lighting industry development Association

                      • 2014.5

                        Won the outstanding contribution award of Shenzhen Guangdong Ocean University Entrepreneur Association

                      • 2015.11

                        Guangdong Ocean University Education Contribution Award

                      • 2015.8

                        zijin county primary school was awarded love center

                      • 2015.5

                        Excellent partner for rectangular lighting

                      • 2016.7

                        Win the third industrial design Innovation Award

                      • 2016.3

                        obtain certification certificate for innovative sme in shenzhen

                      • 2017.4

                        China LED three new board top thirty Enterprises

                      • 2017.1

                        was named "crystal source" photoelectric 2016 excellent supplier

                      company culture
                      Mission:With smart devices continue to create greater value for customers!
                      Vision:Become the world Is first intelligent equipment manufacturing enterprises!
                      Core values:Integrity, Innovation, Customer, Team, Passion, Concentration !
                      Corporate culture construction:
                      • Tourist photos

                      • Tourist photos

                      • The table tennis match

                      • Calligraphy interest group

                      • Badminton competition

                      • Team photo of the sports meet

                      • Go together

                      • Champions team

                      Social Benefit
                      Social responsibility idea:

                      Taking the Jianshi, Confucianism, return to society, economy and industry. The village with patriotic ambition, has a "Industrial Avenue sublimation in the process of social responsibility", with strong people

                      Family pride, forge ahead, work hard, unremitting self-improvement, continue to create a better performance to serve the society.

                      • Donated to guangdong ocean university equipment

                      • Love enterprise

                      • Thank his Alma mater

                      • The national high-tech enterprises

                      • Guangdong Ocean University research cooperation base

                      • Three new board thirty

                      • Certificate of intellectual property management system

                      • shenzhen high-tech enterprises

                      • Certificate of love enterprise

                      • Golden Globe nominee Award

                      • Semiconductor lighting member units


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